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From Gigolo to Jesus by K. L. Belvin (Paperback)

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As a young boy, growing up without a father, K.L. Belvin’s discovery of pornography launched him on a decades-long sexual addiction that found him sleeping with more than three hundred women, leading to more than twenty-five unwanted pregnancies. He had six children with five different women—and lost touch with a few of his kids for many years. He divorced his first wife and cheated on his second when dating. Then the Lord entered K.L.’s life and everything changed. This nothing-held-back memoir tells of one man’s redemption, his journey “from male whore to man of God,” as he learned the difference between sex and love and set out to atone for his sins. This inspiring book reminds us that as long as we draw breath, it’s never too late to change.


4 of 5 stars

It is rare to find a man who is willing to admit his mistakes, wrongdoings, and inabilities to commit in his relationship. In From Gigolo to Jesus by K. L. Belvin, readers are introduced to such a man. K. L. Belvin tells his story of unhealthy behaviors, lying, cheating, and being a typical man.

K. L. Belvin lets readers into his world of mischief so people can understand that at times he felt his actions were not wrong. The remarkable thing about From Gigolo to Jesus is that the author wants to change. After reading From Gigolo to Jesus, it made me a believer that people can change, can work towards a better life and achieve it.

From Gigolo to Jesus is about sexual addiction and learning to overcome it. The author shares information about his life that may help another person dealing with the same stronghold. It is heartfelt, truthful, and to the point. I will not tell you my favorite chapters in this book because it will give away too much and each person should experience the story of a man who listened to God and found the change he needed. I recommend From Gigolo to Jesus to others.

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Teresa Beasley
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4 of 5 Stars

Author and educator K.L. Belvin has opened the doors to his life and hung his ugly laundry out for all to see. Being frank is an understatement here, he is honest and straight forward about his past destructive, addictive, and abusive behavior. No K.L. didn't harm anyone physically, but using persons for your own self pleasure without caring about how the other feels, fits neatly under the abusive category and leaves it's own special scars for all parties involved.
Women looking for love in all the wrong places, many with low self esteem make it so easy for a predator, inviting many issues such as un-wanted pregnancies and STDs.

Once you enter into this author's world you will read of his transition, of his need and willingness in wanting to change. A higher power made interventions but his blessing were still being blocked by his behavior, which he had perfected over many years was hard to leave behind.

From a young boy who was never taught how to behave in a relationship, to a grown man whose addiction ended up causing pain to those who loved him, to a spiritual man and educator who has taken his own painful journey and shared with us in hopes that others will learn. This is a must read journey!

This is such an inspirational read! The part in this book that spoke so loudly to me is when K.L. realized that a higher power was speaking to him through different people and events and he KNEW... but yet his addictive personality won over instead of doing the right thing. I think everyone has an "epiphany" at some point during our lifetime but most of us choose to ignore it.

Tiffany is K.L.'s wife who he speaks highly of...well, I won't spoil it for the readers but I am going to say that she is a very SPECIAL kind of woman!

Recommended Reading!

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