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Bravin Literary Services & Rates
We supply all services needed to complete your manuscript.

"Literary Services"

Details and Rates.

*** Remember. As literary service providers, once we have a contractual agreement, a 50% down payment of the estimated final cost is required to begin creation of your publication. The final fee for the completed services is collected within fourteen days after the completion of the project. A payment request invoice is forwarded at the conclusion

Authors retain copyright of their work from start to finish. We are only the publisher of record, who provided the services needed to complete the book. We hold no legal rights to your work.***


Publication Service Fees

$1200 Base price and features included (can be purchased individually)

  • ISBN & Bar Code
  • Cover Design
  • Printing, Review, and Delivery of Proof Copy (S/H included)
  • Printer Set up fee (Individual on-demand printing line established for the author)
  • Completion US Government Copyright Application - Application   completed online and receipt sent directly to the author.
  • Library of Congress Control Number - Another form of copyright protection for author's literary works. The Library of Congress will archive two copies of the finished book sent by us, on the author's behalf. 
  • Includes all service hours and materials. 

Typesetting (not included in base price. Base on the size of the book)

  • $3.00 per page - professional set-up of the interior of the book. 

Professional Editing, proofreading included (not included in base price. Base on the size of the book) 

  • $3.50 per page 

- Proofreading (required, when the book has been previously edited by a 3rd party editor)

  • $1.50 per page based on the total number of pages of the book

Editing needs:

Mechanics / Developmental Editing

(help with the overall structure of content, including content creation, organization, the tone of voice, and character development (when applicable).                        

Structure / Copy-editing 

(ensures your ideas are presented in a logical order)                                      

Basic Content Editing

(to make sure your work has a clear focus or main idea) 

Proofreading / Manuscript Critique

(The work is reviewed for readability and substance. Potential problems are addressed and noted for the author. )


To get started or for more information, contact us today, 

Office voicemail (347) 921-0443 or Email Mainoffice@BravinPublishing.com 







Luke 14:28

28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?