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The Nations Foremost African American Christian Based Literary Service Provider.

Bravin Publishing, is an African American faith-based literary service provider who offers individualized services for aspiring authors who desires to create and control their literary works. At Bravin Publishing, we provide the foundation needed to assist you in self-publishing your book. 

Shout out to Keith K. L. Belvin,

for being one of the contributing authors of

"Being A Black Man... It's Harder Than You Think."

Which was turned into an Award Winning Documentary. 
(click the image to get the book or watch the film)


Read the stories and journeys of some powerful men who are unashamed about telling their stories. These stories are about men's Trials, Triumphs, and their testimonies.

Bravin Publishing is not just a company. It is a place where we created the author's dreams. Let us help you create yours today!"

                                                                  -Keith K.L. Belvin    

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"Bravin Publishing brings your dreams to life."

Here are some of our recent authors whose dreams were published by Bravin Publishing!





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Listen to Keith K.L. Belvin as he explains the motivation for writing from Gigolo to Jesus....


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"But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

                                                    Joshua 24:15

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