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The Nations Foremost African American Christian Based Literary Service Provider.
Faith Based Couple, Faith Based Business.
Bravin makes your publishing dreams come true.

Bravin Vision:

To help authors create Seven Thousand literary works which will change the lives of those who read them while serving the Lord is every way. Bravin looks forward to the day when the author's books created are read on every continent. 

Bravin Mission:

To provide affordable literary services and professional mentoring for authors at an affordable price. We make ourselves available to the authors who work with us within a 24 - 48 hours period  to resolve all problems. Bravin will offer value to authors, readers, and any others in the literary industry. 

Bravin Philosophy:

  • Work knowing God is always watching all services provided.

  • Stand firm on not assisting in the creation or promotion of works of extreme violence, overt sexual content.

  • Play no role in any content which harms children in any form or fashion.

  • Give direct care and concern to each client and their work.

  • When possible, find ways to work with authors who are having financial difficulties. 

  • Clients' problems are addressed within 24 to 48 hours from the time the problem is documented and with proper follow-up.

  • Pray for each customer and the success of their work.

Who Are We?

Bravin Publishing LLC is a small literary service provider, founded in 2010 by Keith "K. L." Belvin and his wife, Tiffany Braxton Belvin. Together, they have helped authors who decided to self-publish their books. Keith and Tiffany make sure the process is done professionally and without the worries of being taken advantage of or being forced into signing long term one-side literary contracts

What do We Do?

Bravin Publishing supplies literary services, such as ISBN, Library of Congress Numbers, Bar Codes, Editing, Individual Printing, and Literary Consultation, needed to bring story ideas from your computer to being professionally published. Bravin Publishing creates a sound foundation for authors at a reasonable price. We walk you through the process of becoming a self-published author and by staying in contact with you throughout the creation process.

Who Do We Do it For?

Bravin Publishing works with authors who have a literary idea that contains a positive messages, educates, entertains, and informs the readers. We do not accept works that are sacrilegious, overtly sexual content, and over-violence. We are looking to work with authors who want total control of the literary process while self-publishing their books. We help authors who are not looking for traditional publishing contracts because they want the final say in their book's creation.

Why Do We Do It?

First and foremost, Bravin Publishing is a faith base company which places faith at the forefront of all we do. Bravin's vision is to create seven thousand books or more over its lifetime as a company. Bravin wants to increase the number of positivity based, thought-provoking, and informative books available to all types of readers.

What Experience Do We Have

Bravin Publishing was established in 2010, and over that time, Bravin has worked on or helped create over fifty books. Thirty-eight of those books were made from idea to published masterpiece. Five of those books were created by the owner and founder, Keith K. L. Belvin. Yearly, Bravin attends workshops and classes to stay on top of trends and ideas, which will allow them to provide the best services for the authors who contract them. Bravin as a solid team which help provide the high level of professionalism required to provide the best services 

What Problems Do We Solve?

Bravin Publishing solves the problems of preventing authors from getting locked into long term deals, where they are at risk of losing royalties in the process. Bravin removes the frustration of knowing which services are needed and which are not. Bravin also supplies professional literary consultation and guidance to ease the fear and misunderstanding of the literary process.


To get started or for more information, contact us today,

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1 Corinthians 13:4 
"4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud."