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F. A. Q.
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Bravin Publishing looks forward to answering all your questions.

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Why should I use Bravin to self-publish my work?

Number one, you don’t have to convince anyone, but yourself that your book should be published. Making a good case to yourself for publication of work you have created should not be difficult at all. No one else shares the high degree of enthusiasm you have for your own work. Why give a third party, with intentions, interests, and priorities different from your own the final say? Self-publishing gives you total control.

Number two, if you have filled an existing void with your book and/or are able to create a demand for it, you will make more money than you would make with a standard publishing contract. Instead of a paltry 5 to 15% royalty, you could make 20 to 80% of the purchase price. Once your self-published book is successful, you can negotiate with a larger publisher from a position of experience and strength.

Number three, you can see your book in print within a few weeks, or at most a few months, of your manuscript completion. The larger publishers most often work on an 18-month cycle, and that is just too long to wait.

Number four, you can get distribution for your book through Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com just as easily as Dell and Random House can for their books.

Number five, you can preserve your own heritage, or that of your community or club in an inexpensive yet quality format. Not everyone publishes to make a profit. Maybe you just want to leave a legacy with your family or share what you have learned with others. Your offspring and relatives will appreciate a perfect-bound book with a color cover about your childhood or war experiences or travel adventures far more than a musty photo album and loose double-spaced pages of manuscript.

Is Bravin Publishing a "Vanity Press"?

No, Bravin Publishing is not a Vanity Press. Vanity Presses charges a fee for their services while keeping the rights to the author's work; often charging large amounts to the author to be free from contractual agreements. Bravin is different because we are a literary service provider which allows the author retains the rights to their work at all times. 

Are there books Bravin Publishing will not publish?

Bravin Publishing is a African American Christian based company. What this means is although we are a service provider we choose the right to not publish works which are overly sexual or violent, have an anti God or Christian message, promotes racism or predjudice in any form. 

We understand an author's right to be creative. We do not stifle artistic expression, however in good conscious Bravin Publishing can not help create such works.

Bravin retains the right of refusal. We will gladly answer any questions authors have regarding our position.

At Bravin we feel we have to answer to the Lord for any works we create and will allow anyone to convince us financial gains are worth more than salvation. 

If I don't need all of the services Bravin Publishing provides will I still have to pay for them?

There is only one service which we require all authors have and that is "Proofreading". Often, we have authors say they do not need editing because their manuscript was previously edited. After reading these manuscripts we find there are still significant errors. At Bravin Publishing you only pay for the services you need, however we will make suggestions based on what we believe will produce a quality book. 


Do you charge Exit Fees?

Yes, we do. They are $500 to receive all files and designs connected to the authors book. Unlike major companies who look to hold you hostage with fees as high as $1500 to $2500. We only look to replace what we will lose in time and service. We don't try to hold you up for future earnings. Upon release will will no longer receive earnings from doing business with you. Bravin Publishing want you to be in control of your future and your future earnings

Will Bravin market my book for me?

Bravin Publishing does not do direct marketing or promotion of an author's books. However we will supply the resources needed to have professional Press Kits, Press Releases, One Sheets, Media Listings and more at a cost. 

Does Bravin Publishing print my books?

Bravin Publishing sure does. When you sign your contract to have us create your book, we will set up an account with a national printing company which will print on demand. You will have the comfort of knowing when you place an order, for your books, through Bravin, your books will be printed and mailed out to you within 5 to 7 days days. They're delivererd via UPS.(there are no Sat or Sun) deliveries. 

You can have your books shipped overnight or two days delivery if needed (The printing 1 to 2 days). Your books are professionally labeled and sent to customers with invoices in place. Bravin also does drop-shipping. This means the author can request books sent to their clients directly once payments are made for original order.  



Will Bravin help sell my books for me?

No, Bravin Publishing no longer sells client's books for them. We help you create your book and set up the printing line for you. If you want to control the printing of your book we can can set you up with a private page which only you handle all orders mader. That is done by request. 

What is Bravin Publishing Privacy Policy

All information collected from clients  while doing business is kept strickly confidential. Personal information will not be released to anyone or to any business. We protect the client's personal information. 

Proverbs 2:6(KJV) 

For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.