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Speaking Engagements / Seminars

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Keith "K. L" Belvin, MHSC, MS Ed.

is available to speak at various engagements and functions.

Please send booking requests to our office

Voice Mail: (302) 314-3802

Email: Mainoffice@Bravinpublishing.com  

Mailing address

Bravin Publishing 

P. O. Box 1041, #1267, Dover, DE 19901

Attention: Speaking Engagements


Honorariums vary based on distance, the number of people expected to be in attendance for a particular venue, and time needed to participate.  Offers should include a reasonable transportation offer to the event or fair compensation to cover the expenses. Hotel fees are included in the compensation offer. 
All payments should be made payable to
Bravin Publishing LLC

***Bravin Publishing and Keith "K.L." Belvin requires detailed information concerning the purpose of the event. The event prospectus should be included in the initial correspondence or proposal to avoid confusion and cancellation. Bravin Publishing is a faith-based company who will not participate in any event that stands opposite our moral and spiritual beliefs unless we are being invited to discuss their point of view in an open forum or panel. In the event of cancellation, notification must be given within a 48 hour period of the event, if not, 50% of the honorarium will be paid to Bravin Publishing. However, in the event of cancellation in less than a 24 hour period of 75% honorarium will be paid to Bravin Publishing due travel arrangements, materials, etc.***