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The Soul of a Man 3 "I Can't Breath"

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The third entry in "The Soul of a Man" series.


Collective voices so vibrant, so vigilant, and yet so virulent are the pages that govern legitimacy...such is the urgency of this third installment of The Soul of A Man anthology. Elegantly written, The Soul of A Man: I Can't Breathe is a tome of the times with moving and poignant personal recollections, including profound and cultural analysis for moral redemption. The authors that comprise this entity are just as vociferous relative to books I and II in the anthological series...it's all about how much linguistic fortitude is exhibited in the voices therein. Police abuse coupled with biased intent is not a prerequisite to stifle growth, or even limit breathing. Black men all over are requesting and demanding to be heard, and in this book the delivery is a poignant series of homilies of love, hope, faith, and inspiration forming the right things to be done, and said so that we can all get along. The question is-how confident are we as a united force to exact and challenge change? What indeed, would it take?

If for no other reason than to give hope to your own policy and procedure governing how and why you breathe, pay homage to what men of destiny have to say about mayhem in their diaspora. Read this book, and never stop letting the world know how and why their lives matter