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Latest From Author / Founder "K. L. Belvin" 

"Luke Warm Saint, Inspirational Fiction"

Kevin is a young handsome educator at war with himself. He battles his love of women and the opposing reoccurring feelings tugging at him. His mother and grandmother beg him not to be like his father and grandfather because of the same internal choices and their desructive outcomes, but will he listen? Kevin is also torn between his two best friends who are oppisite sides of right and wrong. What choices will he make?  Find out everything, when you read,

"Lukewarm Saint"


Bravin Publishing is an African American Christian Based literary service company which provides individualized services for new and aspiring authors who desire to create their literary works themselves. At Bravin, we provide the foundation needed to assist you in self-publishing your books. We bring your dreams to life.

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Bravin will provide professional services and advice throughout the creation of your work. 


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